Ventanilla Única Services

Within the aim of administrative simplification by Directive 2006/123/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council of December 12, 2006 in relation to internal services (Directive of Services), emphasizes the establishment of the single window policy allowing lenders of services, throught a unique electronic point, from distance, to obtain information about the requirements demanded for the practice of activity, as well as fulfilling all precise requirements in order to access services and be permitted to practice activity. The Directive of Services has incorporated into the juridical Spanish classification by means of Law 17/2009, November 23rd, for freelance services and practice of activity, Law Umbrella (BOE of November 24th, 2009). Art. 18 of this Law establishing that the competent authorities - Public administrations and Professional Associations - must guarantee that lenders of services can, through the “Ventanilla Única” policy:

  1. To present all necessary documentation required.
  2. To know the state of procedures with regard to the interested party, and to get the corresponding notification of the obligatory procedures and resolution from the relevant administrative authority.

Whereas the art. 19 of “La ley del Paraguas” law, specifies; that lenders and addressees have the right to obtain, through the single window policy, the following information, which will need to be clearly stated and unequivocal:

  1. The requirements applicable to the lenders established in Spanish territory, especially with regards to the necessary steps needed to access services and practice activity, as well as the information from the corresponding authorities allowing direct contact with them.
  2. The means and conditions of access to public records and databases relative to the lenders and to the services.
  3. The routes taken to claim and the resources needed to intervene in case of litigation between the competent authorities and the lender or an addressee, or between a lender and an addressee, or between lenders.
  4. The information from the lenders' sectorial associations of services and the consumers' organizations that give assistance to lenders and addressees for services rendered.

Also, it will be facilitated that; lenders and addressees can obtain through the single window policy from other member states of the EU, access to the same information and procedures in the above mentioned countries.