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Foreman builder

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Practice in Spain

Conditions For The Professional Practice


The membership commitment is established in the paragraph 2 of the article 3 of the 2/1974 Professional Association Law: ¨Será requisito indispensable para el ejercicio de las profesiones hallarse incorporado al Colegio Profesional correspondiente ...,


Endorsement is one of the functions attributed to the Professional Association specified by the 5th article of ruling law (2/1974 Law) states “is a corporative action of internal character"...


Professional ethics it is an essential standard in the way professionals such as Foreman Builder, Building Engineer conduct themselves, always protecting the interests of user...

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Ventanilla Única Services

Within the aim of administrative simplification by Directive 2006/123/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council of December 12, 2006 in relation to internal services (Directive of Services), emphasizes the establishment of the single window policy allowing lenders of services, throught a unique electronic point, from distance, to obtain information about the requirements demanded for the practice of activity, as well as fulfilling all precise requirements in order to access services and be permitted to practice activity.

The Directive of Services has incorporated into the juridical Spanish classification by means of Law 17/2009, November 23rd,...

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Foreman builder
and Building Engineer

Technical Architect And Structural Engineering Occupations

The Foreman Builder has very important role in the building sector. Due to his professional and technical background and his involvement on construction process, is a figure closely related to the Civil Engineers who perform the same function in other countries, especially the European Union and the United States and Canada.

Apart from design and implementation of construction techniques, foreman Builder has an increasingly role in real estate process management...

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Association Structure

The Association Of Technical Architecture

Collegial Organization

Now days the High Council of Professional Associations has approximately 57,500 members in Spain. (Novemeber 2009). The council gathers fifty-five professional associations, which are coordinated by the General Council based on Public Service Law Corporations.

There are also professional organizations at the level of the Autonomous Region ( Autonomous Association...

The General Council

The Associations of Foreman Builder represented by General Council is actively involved both nationally and internationally in a wide range of activities related to construction progression...

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